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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage or "Classic Massage" uses 5 different kinds of long, flowing strokes to massage the client. This style of massage has shown to be helpful in relieving pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee when regularly applied to clients over a period of approximately two months.

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Hot Stones

Hot stone massage uses warmed basalt stones (Lava Rock) to apply heat and pressure to specific parts of the body. The Stones can sometimes be lubricated with oils so the masseuse can apply pressure and heat in the strokes. The stones retain heat and so can be placed down the client's back supplying heat to the muscles thus releasing tension.

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Aromatherapy Facial

Beautiful Essential Oils are applied to the patient's face using gentle but firm strokes. The movements themselves are intrinsically relaxing but the aromatheraputic nature of our oils build on this to provide a very deep relaxation of the muscles and mind. We can apply different oils for different skins and skin conditions such as acne or dry skin.

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